Private Label Products for Small Business

Private Label Products for Small Business

Private label products for small businesses can help the business to have an advantage in the market and thus play a huge role in growing the business.

Ural Group Medical offers private label solution for all your mattress and pillow needs. Through years of experience and expertise, we manufacture and deliver high-quality finished products to retailers all over the world.

Private Label Products for Small Business: Private Label Products

Private label program are made by a different party but is branded and developed by the business that sells the goods.

A business will need to locate a private label manufacturers that is an expert in that sector of the market in order to create private label products.

Private Label Products for Small Business: Private Label Pillows for Small Business

We have 6 different categories of private label pillows for small businesses to benefit from. These are sleep pillows, travel pillows, medical pillows, support pillows, mother & baby pillows and comfort pillows.

For instance, our pillow manufacturer offers sleep pillows for different types of sleeping patterns and demands, and they are all readily available such as Sleep Pillow B1003, Sleep Pillow K2013-L or Sleep Pillow R1001. The greatest pillows available today are made using memory foam technology because it enables the pillow to conform specifically to the position of your head and spine while you sleep.

The side sleeper pillow, belly sleeper pillow, back sleeper pillow, and stomach sleeper pillow are a few of the various styles of sleep pillows that are manufactured for persons who sleep in various positions.

As a leading private label manufacturer, we craft superior-quality sleep pillows, travel pillows, mattresses, waist support pillows, and medical pillows, along with a diverse range of other products. Reach out to us to have your exclusive private label products crafted to perfection.

Private Label Products for Small Business: Private Label Bedding for Small Business

Bedding is a significant part of the visco pillow and visco mattress industry. Adding the right type of bedding on top of a mattress and pillow can really create the perfect hygienic and comfortable sleeping environment for your customers. Therefore, you can also benefit from our private label bedding services to achieve the highest possible standards for your customers.

Private Label Products for Small Business: Private Label Mattress for Small Business

Another type of product we offer for our customers are private label mattresses. Our mattresses are made in molds, as opposed to many other viscoelastic mattresses that are carved from blocks and lose several product qualities. The top layers of the memory foam mattresses are made of 7 cm Visco. This top layer is directly molded onto a polyurethane foam foundation. There are numerous sizes and configurations of mattresses and visco layers available. Heights range from 15 to 17 to 20 to 22 cm.

Our mattresses are constructed using modern textile technology and the newest features, with densities ranging from 50 kg/m3 to 130 kg/m3, pin cores (when required), and a variety of tickings.

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