Waist Support Pillows

Waist Support Pillows

In order to support and comfort the lower back and waist area, waist support pillows are ergonomic cushions. To maintain appropriate posture and relieve pressure on the lumbar spine, they are frequently worn while sitting or lying down.

Although waist support pillows come in a variety of sizes and shapes, they usually have a contoured construction that follows the lower back’s natural curve. They are typically made of memory foam, high-density foam, or other supportive materials, though the materials utilized can vary.

The following are the key advantages of waist support pillows:

Support for the lumbar region: They work to keep the lower spine’s natural curve, which can help prevent slouching and lessen stress on the lumbar area.

Pain relief: These pillows can help relieve lower back pain and discomfort by offering the right support, especially for persons who spend a lot of time commuting or sitting at a computer.

Improved posture: Using a waist support pillow can promote improved posture and lower the risk of musculoskeletal problems brought on by bad posture.

Versatility: Waist support pillows are practical for daily use because they may be utilized in a variety of locations, including office chairs, vehicle seats, sofas, and even beds.

Waist Support Pillow B1008Waist Support Pillow B1109Waist Support Pillow BS011 and Waist Support Pillow BS010 are among our most preferred waist support pillows.

Ural Group About

Ural Group was founded in 1996 as Turkey’s first producer of Visco elastic memory foam and has since become one of Europe’s top manufacturers of molded gel and Visco elastic memory foam mattresses, toppers, layers and pillows. Located in Istanbul at a perfect geographical location, to be visited in a convienent three hour flight distance from the European continent, Middle East and North Africa we are able to ship by land and sea and deliver in just a few weeks time.

Our Private Label Program

Ural Group’s private label program offers solutions to your pillow and mattress needs. Ural Group was established in 1996 and was Turkey’s first memory foam producer. Since our establishment, we have been continuously improving our production facilities and administrative capacity. Our products are manufactured with outstanding quality and your demands are very significant for us.

Your orders are manufactured, packed, and delivered to your doorstep in the shortest time possible. You can contact us if you have any questions about the private label business model.

Currently, we have a large product range including mattresses, pillows, memory foam mattress toppers, pillow cases, dog beds and many more.

Our Other Private Label Pillows

In addition to the comfort pillows, we also manufacture medical pillows, mother & baby pillows, sleep pillows, travel pillows, and waist support pillows.

Travel Pillow

Travel pillows are specially designed pillows that provide support and comfort while traveling. Supportive and comfortable when traveling, travel pillows are a must-have. When you’re riding in an airplane, train, or bus, your neck and head need special support that won’t take up too much space.

Travel pillows were originally designed to alleviate the strain placed on the neck by sleeping in an upright posture or when traveling for extended periods of time. Memory foam, microbeads, and inflatable materials are commonplace in their construction because of their ability to mold to the curvature of your neck and give comfort.

There is a wide variety of pillows designed specifically for travel, such as:

  • Most standard neck support pillows are U-shaped. They’re fashioned like a U, which means they’ll protect the back of your neck and the sides of your head.
  • These inflatable travel pillows are convenient since they can be inflated and folded down to a small size. You may choose how stiff they are to suit your needs.
  • You may get front, side, and back of the head support with a wrap-around pillow because of its innovative design. Those who have a forward-sloping posture when sleeping will benefit greatly from them.
  • Some travel pillows include hoods that may be pulled over the head to shield you from the sun and muffle ambient sounds.
  • Pillows designed specifically for travel are also useful for other sitting activities including computer work, reading, and television viewing. They’re easy to take along on the go because to their small size and weight.

Consider the pillow’s material, size, flexibility, and cleanability while making your purchase. It’s also important to choose one that fits your unique needs and tastes while still giving your head and neck the support they need.

Mother & Baby Pillows

In order to comfort and assist women throughout pregnancy and the postpartum period, mother and baby pillows have been created. These pillows can be used to relieve back pain, hip pain, and other pregnancy-related problems if necessary. 

They can also be used to position the infant as they sleep or to offer support during nursing. Mother and baby pillows are available in a variety of sizes and forms, such as wedge or U-shaped pillows, and can be created from organic or hypoallergenic materials for enhanced safety.

Sleep Pillows

By offering support and comfort while sleeping, sleep pillows are made to encourage the best possible quality of sleep. These pillows are available in a range of sizes, shapes, and materials, including memory foam, down, and latex, to support varied sleeping postures and preferences. To further improve the user’s comfort, certain sleep pillows may additionally have extra functions like cooling gel or adjustable heights.

Medical Pillows

Medical pillows are made to ease a variety of medical ailments and encourage recovery. These pillows can be used to assist relieve pain from accidents, operations, or chronic ailments like arthritis or back discomfort. Medical pillows come in a variety of sizes and forms, including wedge pillows for raised positioning, lumbar pillows for lower back support, and cervical pillows for neck support. 

They may also be composed of specialist materials, such as antibacterial materials for those with weakened immune systems or hypoallergenic materials for people with allergies

Comfort Pillows

A comfort cushion is a specialized pillow designed to maximize relaxation. Comfort pillows, as opposed to standard pillows, are designed with certain materials and features to facilitate relaxation and alleviate pressure points. 

These pillows may be made from a variety of materials, such as memory foam or down feathers, to accommodate a wide variety of sleeping positions and body types. There is a wide range of sizes and shapes available. Some comfort pillows even offer other features, like cooling gel or an adjustable height, to further enhance the user’s relaxation.

Our Technology

Ural Group conducts the manufacturing operations based on a labor-intensive system, that is, the goods are produced handmade, one by one in specially designed molds. Thus, the best quality memory foam is reached, and the end-users can enjoy their healthy and comfortable pillows and mattresses for long years.

The viscoelastic memory foam due to its body temperature sensitivity fills up all the gaps and provides relief to the pressure points. As a result, you’ll have better sleep, better blood circulation, less joint pain, and a more aligned spine.

Not only your body but also your mind wakes up recuperated.

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