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26 Years Experience
Memory Foam Technology

Ural Group 40 Countries

Exports more than 40 countries
Brand presence of more than 250 domestic and +550 sales points worldwide

Crib5 Compliant

Our Crib5 products have been tested by SATRA; Report FUR0321999


Our products, produced with water-based MDI, are tested and approved by Ökotex that they do not contain harmful gases and substances.



Ural Group was founded in 1996 as Turkey’s first producer of Visco elastic memory foam and has since become one of Europe’s top manufacturers of molded gel and Visco elastic memory foam mattresses, toppers, layers and pillows. Located in Istanbul at a perfect geographical location, to be visited in a convienent three hour flight distance from the European continent, Middle East and North Africa we are able to ship by land and sea and deliver in just a few weeks time.

How we work…
Our product variety has significantly evolved over the years, becoming a wide range for any type of demand, as our customer-oriented short line service is formed in line with their needs. Furthermore, we provide a Private Labeling service that allows our clients to design their products and artwork under their own brands.

We do not only produce products with nice packaging, but also, we provide different marketing tools such as flyers, banners and product photo shooting if requested.

Mixed Volumes? Different Quantities?
Don’t worry, we’ll make sure you receive your products fastly and safely with our advanced roll packaging and vacuuming systems.

About Us

Ural Group’s high-quality memory foam products have been experienced by many people around the World, in over 40 countries.




Ural Group conducts the manufacturing operations based on a labour-intensive system, means, the goods are produced handmade, one by one injected and controled in specially designed molds. Thus, the best quality for memory foam is reached, and the end-users can enjoy their healthy and comfortable pillows, toppers and mattresses for long years.

The viscoelastic memory foam due to its body temperature sensitivity fills up all the gaps and provides relief on the pressure points. As a result, you’ll have better sleep, better blood circulation, less joint pain, and a more aligned spine ensuring sound sleep with less tossing and turning during the night.

Not only your body but also your mind wakes up recuperated.

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Our products consist of water-based MDI, tested and approved by Ökotex, free from harmful gases and substances.

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We provide turnkey services to our business partners with our R & D, production and sales experience within Ural Group.

We use Visko Memory Foam technology in accordance with the needs of our customers and make special production. We deliver the products from where we produce in our strategically located Istanbul factory to the world via land, sea and airways..

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