In addition to end-user products, Ural Group produces visco elastic memory foam according to the demanded features for the manufacturing of the other sectors.


Home Textile

Viscos elastic memory foam can be turned into comfort-enhancing home textile items for human living after being made in the necessary sizes and densities and mixed with other products (inputs).

  • Prayer Rug (Sajjada)
  • Bathroom Mat
  • Carpet Diaper
  • Changing Mat
Ural ByProducts Home
Ural ByProducts Camping


Camping Products

Enjoy your adventures outdoor in a more comfortable way with our camping set which is produced from Visco elastic memory foam. Our camping products are designed to be easy to carry and rolled by hand.


Sound Insulation

The elasticity, softness, and open-cell structure of the viscos elastic memory provide sound absortment, making it an perfect product for sound insulation.

Ural ByProducts Sound Isolation
Ural ByProducts Hospital


Hospital Mattress and Topper

Memory Foam hospital mattress (15 cm) and toppers (7 cm) are produced with liquid-proof but breathable bi-elastic Hospital covers and especially recommended for the patients who must lay in bed for very long times. Since visco does reduces pressure on the body, bedsores are signifally reduced and in many casus prevented.

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