Pillow Manufacturer

Pillow Manufacturer

Pillow manufacturers are involved in the production of different kinds of pillows ranging from travel pillows to regular sleep pillows. While there were much less options in the past when choosing which pillows to produce and sell, today, customers demand much more specialized options that would fit in with their habits.

Ural Group Medical offers private label program for all your mattresses and pillows needs. Through years of experience and expertise, we manufacture and deliver high-quality finished products to retailers all over the world.

Pillow Manufacturing

In the pillow manufacturing process, a specific pace and temperature are used to pour the foam, which has a consistency similar to soft dough or ice cream, into a slab mold. As the air is blasted out of the mold, the heated mixture is stirred to create the open cell structure. The foam or polyurethane is formed by immediately drying the mold. The slab mold is once again cooled before the foam is taken out, cleaned, dried, and examined. After being cut into mattress-sized portions, the foam slab is then kept before being built into a memory foam pillow.

Private Label Pillow Manufacturer

With the specified fabrics and filling ingredients, Ural Group makes pillows of any size for all brands, develops collections for its private label brands, and provides them packaged and ready for use to end users.

In the creation of pillows, the suitability of the fabric and filling is crucial. We adapt to the latest technological changes in the field to provide the highest quality available as one of the private label manufacturers.

Memory Foam Pillow Manufacturer

One of the numerous health advantages of using memory foam pillows when sleeping is spinal alignment. When you place your head and neck on the cushion, the weight and warmth of your body allow the foam to reorganize itself. This causes the cushion to support the lighter, more pressure-sensitive neck region while simultaneously adding additional support under the head’s heavier areas. Correct spinal alignment helps lessen tossing and turning and pain. It allows your muscles to unwind properly, supports your spine naturally, and adapts to your specific shape to encourage comfortable, deep sleep.

Moreover, natural hypoallergenic properties of memory foam inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold, fungus, and dust mites. This is advantageous for those who are allergic to feathers, dust mites, or other natural pillow materials.  Therefore, it is better to choose a memory foam pillow manufacturer such as Ural Group when you are working with a private label manufacturer.

Sleep Pillow Manufacturer

Whether you sleep on your back or your side, choosing the right pillow can improve the quality of sleep. Side sleepers may choose for a contoured design for more support and cushioning across the shoulders, while some people may opt for sleep pillows that offer more support on the neck.

Since individual sleeping preferences play a significant influence in deciding how useful a product is; sleep pillow manufacturers must offer a large variety of products to its customers. You can choose from many sleep pillow options that we offer and also look at our waist support pillow, comfort pillow, and mother & baby pillow options.

Travel Pillow Manufacturer

With a portable cushion, you can snooze almost anywhere. When you have to sleep upright, a neck pillow that is often made of memory foam can maintain your neck straight and prevent it from being trapped in an uncomfortable position.

We can manufacture different types of travel pillows in different shapes. If you are trying to choose the best option for your customers, you can check our travel pillows such as the classic U-shaped travel pillow VT207 or a rectangular shaped travel pillow VT307.

Medical Pillow Manufacturer

The demands of the person utilizing a medical pillow are taken into consideration when it is created. Regardless of age or height, these pillows are appropriate for everyone. It is crucial to consider the individual’s physical and behavioral traits while choosing a medical cushion. Medical pillows can help you sleep more comfortably and avoid discomfort. As a medical pillow manufacturer, we provide specialized pillow options for different needs such as sleep apnea, allergy relief, pain relief and so on. You can check our different pillow options such as floor pillows, outdoor pillows, pillow cases and wedge pillows.

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