Mattress Manufacturers

Mattress Manufacturers

Mattress manufacturers are always looking for methods to employ technology to reduce the cost of manufacturing mattresses because every year, millions of mattresses are sold all over the world. However, mattresses are not made equally; in fact, nothing is.

Consumers are aware that mattresses today are more complex than first appears. People no longer believe that a mattress is only a piece of furniture that fits all body types. Contrarily, customers are today quite picky about the support and comfort a mattress can provide at any time.

Ural Group Medical offers private label solution for all your mattress and pillows needs. Through years of experience and expertise, we manufacture and deliver high-quality finished products to retailers all over the world.

Mattress Manufacturing

Since the 1850s, from uniform springs being employed in mattress upholstery to the springs being stabilized, creating a more robust but firmer mattress, the mattress has gone a long way. The innerspring for the mattress required a lot of work because it was the foundation of the bed.

Due to the lengthy nature of this technological procedure, the majority of manufacturers either subcontract the innerspring production or just buy them from a specialized supplier. In most situations, after the innersprings are obtained, the actual job starts. The spring and foam mattresses have been in rivalry lately, though. The foam mattress, specifically those made with very good foam quality, has gained popularity in the recent years thanks to its ability to reduce the sleeper’s pressure points accordingly by up to 80%.

Today, many private label companies choose to work with private label manufacturers to create their own private label products such as twin size mattresses and most of the business started to opt for memory foam mattresses or hybrid mattress options.

We also manufacture memory foam mattress toppers in different sizes according to your needs.

Private Label Mattress Manufacturers

Your mattress’s construction components will affect how well you sleep. Although you could like the mattress’s appearance at first glance, you’ll eventually realize that the interior is what really counts. It is preferable to be aware of what is included within your mattress, regardless of whether you choose to sleep on the clouds or on a hard surface for added support.

Therefore, when choosing a private label manufacturer that could help you expand your brand and deliver private label products that will satisfy your customers, you should always check the experience and products of the manufacturer. Therefore, feel free to contact us with any questions.

Mattress Manufacturers in Turkey

Since there are many private label mattress manufacturers in Turkey, it is also one of the most popular countries to find a private label mattress manufacturer. However, it is significant to choose your private label manufacturing partner wisely, especially when you are outsourcing the production of your private label products from a different part of the world.

When you are working with Ural Group, you can always feel assured that all your needs would be met with 100% precision and your products will be delivered on time with the highest quality.

Memory Foam Mattress Manufacturers

Our mattresses are made in molds, as opposed to many other visko-elastic mattresses that are carved from blocks and lose several product qualities. The top layers of the memory foam mattresses are made of 7 cm Visko. This top layer is directly molded onto a polyurethane foam foundation. There are numerous sizes and configurations of mattresses and visko layers available. Heights are available in 15 -17-20-22 cm.

Our mattresses are constructed using modern textile technology and the newest features, with densities ranging from 50 kg/m3 to 130 kg/m3, pin cores (when required), and a variety of tickings. Therefore, we are among the leading memory foam mattress manufacturers compared to other private label mattress manufacturers.

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